Libertyville, Il. – September 5, 2017

CMAX Finance LLC, a Specialty Lending Finance Company, serving the Small and Medium size debt-buyers with flexible and dependable funding solutions is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the move of its operations to Libertyville, IL., a convenient suburb of Chicago.  Roger Saylor, CEO of CMAX, stated that “the move to Illinois is the completion of the first phase of improving the lending platform and ability of CMAX to provide efficient and flexible financing to our customers”.  

The move has allowed CMAX to completely revamp and upgrade both its IT infrastructure and its industry leading historical data base within a more robust and secure cloud environment. Jason Roe, new Director of IT for CMAX stated:  “The partnership with Netrix and utilization of their “Cloudhelm” hosting environment provides CMAX with state of the art IT infrastructure and provides excellent security and flexibility for our data and customer sensitive information”.  

The move also provides CMAX with a highly qualified and motivated personnel environment from which to deepen and grow its employee base.  Combined with the compete restructuring of our Loan Documentation and process, we are already seeing the benefits of the move in our ability to quickly analyze and respond to customer needs in a highly flexible, consistent and timely manner.

About CMAX Finance:  

CMAX is dedicated to supporting small and mid-sized clients with both expertise and dependable financing for the purchase of charged-off debt portfolios across the breadth of non-mortgage consumer assets.  Since its establishment in 2010, CMAX has provided in excess of $325 million of lending facilities, representing over 1,100 individual loans to over 85 discrete borrowers.   

For additional information about CMAX and its lending opportunities, please call us at 312-778-8950.