The Market Leading Provider of Specialty Finance Solutions Focused on Consumer Assets.

Data-driven decisions backed by solid industry experience.

Over the years CMAX has built an extensive database which provides our partners with experienced analysis helping them drive their purchasing strategies.

CMAX Finance is a specialty finance lender that focuses on providing capital to companies acquiring performing and non-performing consumer assets. 

Our signature loan product offers flexible solutions to partners for the purchase of performing and non-performing consumer assets.

No Back End Participation

A Basecamp solution is a flexible loan program for distressed asset buyers looking to be opportunistic and grow their business. Basecamp provides the capital needed as a true lending partner, once Basecamp is fully repaid there is no further participation in the portfolio.

Limited Guarantees

Basecamp typically does not require personal or corporate guarantees for established lending partners.

Customized Loan Programs

Basecamp works with our partners to develop unique lending programs that meet their needs across most asset classes.

Experience you can trust.

The CMAX executive team consists of respected seasoned professionals from structured finance companies, large debt buyers and originators. CMAX has the experience to help your business succeed.

Transparent, Professional, and Responsive.

At CMAX we provide custom solutions that equip our clients to meet their unique business challenges. We foster an environment of open communication and data-driven decision-making within a competitive, risk driven environment.

Focused, Consistent and Efficient

At CMAX we create custom solutions that equip our clients to tackle their unique business challenges. Our data-driven decision-making that helps us do what we do expeditiously, intelligently while promoting compliance.

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