Loan Solutions

CMAX Finance is a leading specialty finance lender providing capital to debt buyers purchasing defaulted consumer debt. CMAX Finance has originated more than $206M of loans since 2010 including all types of consumer credit portfolios. Our extensive financing and debt buying experience has enabled us to create specialized loan programs to meet the unique needs of debt buyers. CMAX Finance typically finances debt purchasers that acquire between $1M and $20M in purchase dollars annually.

Lending Operations

CMAX Finance has the ability to provide funding for large and small portfolios. Loans vary in size between $50k and $2.5M with loan terms between 6 and 36 months without back end participation by the lender. CMAX Finance has experience working with a variety of credit products including niche and emerging markets.

CMAX Finance uses a secure, proprietary loan management platform to provide an efficient underwriting process. The CMAX Finance Loan Portal is a cloud based system allowing our borrowers to update their underwriting profile, request new loans and review loan balances or other loan information.

Acquisition & Sales Services

CMAX Finance offers assistance to both buyers and sellers of debt portfolios, throughout all phases of the transaction process. We have significant experience in providing brokerage services including:

  • Portfolio Valuation
  • National and State-specific Qualified Buyer Networks
  • Creative Sales Strategies
  • Flexible Process Integration
  • Post-Sale Support Management
Consumer Credit Products

Consumer Credit Products

  • Credit Card
  • Consumer Loans
  • DDA Accounts
  • Payday Loans
  • Auto Deficiencies
  • Student Loans
  • Healthcare Receivables
  • Niche and Emerging Products