Financing Options for Accounts Receivable Management
CMAX Finance is a specialty finance lender that focuses on providing capital to purchasers acquiring defaulted consumer debt. Small to mid-sized debt buyers, that ordinarily would not have the financial means to purchase charged off consumer account portfolios, utilize our capital to leverage their portfolio purchases.
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Lending Solutions

CMAX Finance is a leading specialty finance lender providing capital to debt buyers purchasing defaulted consumer debt.

  • Small and Mid-Sized Debt Buyers
  • All Types of Loan Portfolios
  • Flexible Loan Terms

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Loan Programs

CMAX Finance typically finances debt purchasers that acquire between $1M and $20M in purchase dollars annually.

  • High Loan-to-Value Program
  • Niche Non-Traditional Credit Products
  • No Back End Participation

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About Us

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in accounts receivable management working with debt buyers and creditors.

  • Experienced Executive Team
  • Portfolio Sourcing and Acquisition Assistance
  • Portfolio Sale and Brokerage Services

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“Our executive team has worked for debt buyers, banks and other credit issuers for over 20 years and we have designed our loan programs to meet the unique needs of the debt buying community. We extend beyond just lending and help our borrowers MAXIMIZE VALUE.”

– Rusty Saylor, CEO of CMAX Finance